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Yes, I admit it. I’m addicted to chocolate. To salt. To coffee. To Downton Abbey. The list goes on. Now I have a new addiction – Instagram shopping. Who knew? Until last month, I had no idea you could shop for clothing on Instagram. A few short weeks later, I can’t stop myself.

My specific addiction is little girl clothing. Twenty month old Quinn Griffin will be decked out to the nines this winter/spring while her mother will probably be wearing last year’s shoes and coats.   My entire annual clothing budget will be blown in a matter of weeks at the rate I’m going.

It all started when I noticed my Instagram feed was populated with several pictures of my niece’s daughters, who are about the age of my kids, dressed in the sweetest, cutest outfits ever. Megan was posting Instagram handles with the pictures too. I wasn’t sure why, until I saw a post in which she explained. She wrote that she was posting where she got the fab outfits to further support the small business owners she was already buying from.


I delved into these new-found online shops via their Instagram handles and now I can’t stop myself. Peplum dresses in size 2T, faux fur capes with bear ears on the hoods, velvet bunny face loafers and gorgeous tulle dresses. It doesn’t matter that Quinn hates to feel confined in tights or that these clothes probably aren’t durable enough to survive the finger painting and playground equipment at her daycare. I love them and she’s wearing them. I’ve got to take advantage of dressing her the way I want to now – before she can protest too much. 🙂


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