What is one thing that each of the FFW #WonderWomen could never give up?

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We all have that one thing that we just can’t give up. Whether it be cosmetic, food or something to keep us awake (PR is a 24/7, on the go job after all), we know if that one thing disappeared we would not be happy campers.

So we polled the FFW #WonderWomen to see what that one thing is and we found a few common denominators.

“Coffee!” – Melissa

“Sleep.” – Anonymous

 “Dark chocolate!” – Adrienne

“Earth Balance Vegan Aged White Cheddar popcorn. It will change your life.” – Katie 

“Dark chocolate.” – Linda

“Coffee.” – Daniella

“Chap Stick and/or lip balm. I fear being without it.” – Susie

“Dark chocolate!” – Helen

“I can’t live without my hair straightener. There would be a huge daily mess on the top of my head without it!” – Marsha

“Pasta, especially when it’s homemade. Bring on the carbs!” – Cherryl

“Definitely, coffee!” – Lisa

It’s safe to say there are two things that are never out of stock at the FFW office – dark chocolate and coffee. But who can blame them for that, they’re both so delicious!

Now, you tell us. What is one thing that you could never give up?

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