A few more reasons to enter Capture Downtown! Downtown Las Vegas Photo Competition

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A few more reasons to pick up your camera and head downtown… You’ve got until August 15th!

Neon Boneyard by June Johns

  • It’s almost the weekend: We know you still have time – and there’s a lot to photograph this weekend… The Vegas Streats Festival, perhaps?
  • Deadline is Monday 8/15: It’s now or never.
  • Show us your viewpoint: We’d like to see what sights you’ve found in downtown Las Vegas through your lens.
  • You missed F*rst Fr*day: We hear it was great. Why don’t you check out the 18b art galleries on a quieter Friday or even Saturday?
  • A chance to win some cool prizes: Downtown prizes for winning photos from Lady Silvia, Resnicks, Globe Salon, The El Cortez.

The deadline is 8/15! For the complete list of rules and regulations check out the Capture Downtown website.

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