A scientific approach to your next press release

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We had the chance to listen in during a live webinar this week called “The Science of Press Releases” (by HubSpot and PR Newswire). How do you best optimize your next press release? Here are some tips from the webinar:

  • Experiment with sending out press releases on the weekend
    In addition to your workday releases, try sending a release on the weekend. There may be less clutter to break through in order for your message to be heard.
  • Try releasing your press release very, very early
    Experiment with sending your release out really early, such as 1 a.m., so the content is available first thing. Content producers can read and spread your news as soon as they are “up and at ‘em!”
  • Keep press release headlines between 120-130 characters
    Good headlines are essential and keeping them around this length will optimize your headline for reading and sharing – especially for Twitter. Also, try to put your keywords right at the beginning of the headline.
  • Press releases with photos tend to get more views than those without
    Many of us are visual learners. We like pictures. We also like video, but experiment with sending releases with video during times when people can better concentrate on the video – such as evenings and weekends.

Some good stuff here… If you want to learn more, click here for the full presentation.

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