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Being a summer intern at FFW was one of the most gratifying experiences in my life so far. Being surrounded by so many powerful and hard working women on a daily basis was truly inspiring. The FFW Wonder Women worked so hard to keep me busy, while also ensuring that this internship was a great learning experience.


My first day here Linda Faiss took me to lunch so that we could talk about my interests and what I wanted to get out of the summer with them. After explaining my interest in the environment and natural resources, she told me about their work with Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area and the Inspirada master-planned community. Meeting the non-profit organization, Friends of Sloan Canyon, helping to organize the Rockin’ Art of Sloan Canyon art contest, and even going on a hike on a 105° day through the NCA were experiences I will never forget. I was amazed that the women of FFW took the time to tailor a project for me to fit my interests, and it truly showcased the caring environment that they have created here.

My work varied from day to day depending on who in the office had a project or media list for me to update. This format made each day different from the last. One day I could be looking up publications in Canada and the next drafting a press release for a pet salon, which made each day interesting in its own way. In addition, the FFW women gave me the experience of what they do outside of the office. In my time here I attended press conferences, city council agenda hearings, photo shoots, awards presentations, outreach projects, openings for new housing developments, and even FFW Spa Day! By having me attend these functions I was able to see how the hard work done in the office translates into amazing events and relationships with clients.

I am truly grateful for everyone at FFW for an amazing summer. This internship has provided me so many new skills that I can take with me back to Wyoming. While I am not going to miss the Vegas heat, I will miss this office and the amazing women of FFW.

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