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Dr. Kevin Petersen, founder of No Insurance Surgery and non-profit organization Helping Hands Surgical Care in Las Vegas, has cultivated a visual library of his work and medical mission through video. On his No Insurance Surgery YouTube page there are currently 14 videos ranging from patient testimonials and an inside look at surgery day to an opportunity to meet the office staff.

We asked him why video has become such an important tool to spread the word out about his practice and what the videos have meant to the patients he serves.

FFW: Why did you decide to use video to tell your story?
Dr Petersen: We found that video is a very powerful media for communicating and explaining ideas, making an impact and developing a relationship with our patients. Videos are compelling and efficiently communicate ideas more quickly and in a more impactful way than written words or even photos.

FFW: What is the reaction from your patients or potential patients upon viewing your videos?
Dr. Petersen: A viewer looking at another patient will commonly say, “ I know exactly what that person is going through.” Patients who watch videos of me interacting with other patients tell me that the video made them feel comfortable and instilled confidence in my ability to take care of them.

FFW: What are some of the stats surrounding your video views?
Dr. Petersen: Our website gets about 400 organic visits per day. Our videos get about 35,000 organic visits per day and that number is growing exponentially. It’s a true testament to not only the power of the medium but to the world we live in today.

Check out Dr. Petersen’s YouTube channels:
No Insurance Surgery
Helping Hands Surgical Care

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