Advice from small businesses that are doing social media ‘right’

 In Blog recently examined the social media practices of 9 small businesses they say are “doing social media right.” These social-media savvy businesses inspired the website to come up with the following list of tips to abide by as you grow your social media empire.

Let’s face it – It can be challenging to be an active social media participant if you’re limited on time and resources. However, if you concentrate on a few key initiatives it’s not impossible and is actually kind of fun.

We think they had some good advice to share! The tips are below along with some notes of what we took away from the presentation.

  • Give away your “secret sauce”
    Do not be afraid to discuss and share some of your “best stuff.”  Demonstrating your knowledge and sharing useful information that your followers can use and appreciate will keep them coming back for more. Plus, they may help you spread your content to their networks.
  • Create a consistent look across social channels
    It’s all about branding – That means you should do your best to keep the same look, color scheme, profile picture, etc. across the board on all of your social media accounts.
  • Leverage photographs to convey emotion
    We all love looking at photos. You don’t have to be a pro photographer to snap some great shots that your followers will enjoy looking at.
  • Give folks a reason to keep coming back
    Content is king – Offering a variety of quality content keeps your followers engaged. This can include many things, such as photos, video, promotions and blog posts.
  • Create a community and reward participation
    You want to find ways to thank your community for engaging with your page and content. Incentives such as discounts and giveaways can do the trick.
  • Use video to show stories and examples
    Video is a very effective way to connect with your followers. Your video can range from a highly produced piece to video from your cell phone camera. (We love using video to help tell our client’s stories)
  • Give special content to fans and subscribers
    You want your followers to feel special. They took the time to ‘like’ or follow you, so make time to give back to them through exclusive content or incentives.
  • Showcase employees and writers
    Put a face to the names of your team members. This will help your followers feel even more connected to your company.
  • Create highly sharable content and embed sharing options
    Make sure you make it easy to share the content you’ve worked so hard to create. Followers should be able to share or embed your content with a click of a finger.

They highlight some of the examples of businesses with successful social media stories here.

We want to know: Any additional social media advice you have for businesses? Please share!

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