Another FFW first – helping to launch Nevada’s first 1-Gigabit school with longtime client Cox Communications

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I was nostalgic as I watched representatives of Cox Communications download an entire 32-book set of the Encyclopedia Britannica in about 10 seconds at an event to launch Nevada’s first school with gigabit broadband service.

Growing up, our family home included a complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica plus children’s encyclopedias and annual “World Book” editions documenting the events of our world from the late ‘60s through the early ’90s when the advent of the World Wide Web meant you no longer needed a World Book. My mother also had stacks of National Geographic magazines dating from the ‘60s, too.

For a girl growing up in tiny Eureka, Nev., these books and magazines were my window to the world. I learned about far off countries, nature, society, our human race and much more through each page, volume and issue. And a quarter of a century later, there I stood as a lifetime worth of information became available to an entire school in 10 seconds.

It was amazing to watch. And an amazing gift from FFW’s longtime client Cox Communications.

Peggy M. Selma, principal of the 100 Academy of Excellence, a charter school in North Las Vegas who was the lucky recipient of the 1-Gig service, seemed a bit nostalgic, too, but she didn’t let it show. She was too busy sharing her excitement for the possibilities given to the school and its 700+ students. And wondering what she was going to do with the stacks of Encyclopedia Britannica and National Geographic magazines in the school library.

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