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lisa-back-to-school-suppliesIt’s that time of year again, one all of us working moms with school age children greet with a combination of joy (hooray my kids are occupied during the day and I don’t have to plan their activities) and sadness (I have to get up at 4:30am to prep for school and work and will still have to yell RUN at the drop off lane so my boys don’t get a tardy). The clothes and shoe shopping are done and the school supplies are purchased, including the flannel backed tablecloth, which wins the prize for the most random item on this year’s list.

And as I prepare for the annual onslaught of practice schedules, homework resistance, classroom activities, and fundraisers I must remind myself that silence has its virtues, especially when it comes to school events and fundraisers. Seven school years have taught me that asking questions that seem simple to public relations peeps – who’s printing the flier, have you hired a photographer, or have you filed a permit with the city – easily lead to chairing, planning, producing and leading the clean-up crew for the entire event. If you are lucky there is another public relations mom who asked a similar question and you have an able partner. Don’t get me wrong I love to volunteer at the school events, in fact I relish serving as a “day of” volunteer. I show up on time, do as I am told, work without sweating too many details, and head home when it’s over. Delightful.

I “chair” a bazillion events for my clients so it’s nice to simply staff the ticket table or monitor the silent auction items or pour coffee for the school. So when the call goes out for that first event planning meeting of the 2014-2015 school year, I will remember one of my rising fifth grader’s favorite expressions – zip it, lock it, put it in your pocket.

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