Capture Downtown! Las Vegas social media scavenger hunt winner announced!

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Photo by Angie Rodriguez

Congratulations Angie Rodriguez! Your scavenger hunt Pinterest board caught our judge’s eyes. Check out Angie’s entry here.

In case you didn’t hear, in addition to the general 2012 Capture Downtown! Las Vegas Photo Competition, a social media photo scavenger hunt was added to the mix. Several people took on the challenge, snapping shots to fulfill 20 categories including something old, “this thing won’t budge” and “only in downtown Las Vegas.” They uploaded and shared their work via Pinterest.

Here are a few things our judges had to say about Angie’s entry:

  • Her sense of composition and framing sets her apart from the competition, much closer to what I would expect to see from a more seasoned photographer. She knew how to capture the given subject matter in the right light and of course she met all of the objectives outlined in the rules list. She was one of the few people I could tell that actually used Instagram and used it nicely. Congrats to Angie on a job well done.
  • She captured all 20 and used Instagram effectively and subtlety…The images as a group clearly show that some time & thought were put into these. All images were shot at the correct time of day to effectively capture a nice exposure along with solid composition that allows the viewer to easily form their own interpretation of the downtown Las Vegas area. She also did quite well in surveying and capturing several different areas rather than focusing solely on the obvious.

Special thanks to local pro photographers Eric Jamison of Studio J Inc. and Sabin Orr of Sabin Orr Photography for serving as this year’s scavenger hunt judges! All winners will be honored at the next Symphony Park lecture downtown on Oct. 24!

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