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Over the past two decades, I have been fortunate to work with a lot of exceptional people including Mike McGee, the former president and CEO of longtime FFW client Pardee Homes.

Before Mr. McGee retired last year for health reasons, he shared his “Top Ten” list with his employees. It was, in his own words, the things that had been most important to him in his roles and throughout his career.

His Top Ten list is good, simple advice no matter if you’re just starting your career, are nearing the half-way point or the finish line. I hope you’ll appreciate his words as much as I have.


Mike’s “Top Ten”

  1. Be on time. All the time. In the game, and committed to listening carefully.
  2. In God We Trust. All others bring data.
  3. Only work for people who are moral and ethical. Life is too short to do otherwise.
  4. It’s the simplest thing to say, yet sometimes we forget the power of the words, “please, and thank you.”
  5. Give away the credit. The success is a result of a team effort.
  6. Be tough on the problem. Be helpful to the person.
  7. Do what you say you will do (“DWYSYWD”).
  8. Remember that someone else’s name, representing their reputation, is on the door. Pay honor to it every day when you walk in.
  9. Exceeding our customer’s expectations is simply the right thing to do.
  10. Sometimes it really just is “the market condition,” and you just can’t do anything about it but ride it out, up or down. Typically, this is in the first year and the last year of either the downturn or the upturn.

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