No Cell Phones at Leadership Las Vegas!

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I recently had the opportunity to attend a nearly three-day leadership retreat right here in Las Vegas. As I packed my things I was so excited to head to Nellis Air Force base for my adventure.

There’s just one thing that terrified me – no cell phones allowed! That’s correct – two and a half days without my two phones, aka my links to work, family, friends and what’s happening around the world.

It’s amazing how foreign it now feels to not have a wireless sidekick. I truly felt ‘naked,’ unconnected and nervous about everything I was missing!

But after the first day of the retreat things started to change. I was meeting new people and really listening to them. I was connecting with others without the never-ending calls, texts and social media notifications. In the end… I survived!

Lesson learned: I love my phone(s) and being connected. I almost had forgotten how much I love reconnecting with myself and those around me without interruptions.

I’m hoping I don’t forget how I felt during my retreat. I’d like to ‘rediscover’ this balance – it’s a work in progress!

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