Case Study: Cox Communications Multicultural Marketing

Faiss Foley Warren worked with Cox Communications in planning their sponsorship of and involvement in the annual Gay PRIDE Parade & Festival honoring the city’s estimated 160,000 GLTB residents.  Efforts were planned to reinforce the company’s long record of supporting diverse groups in Southern Nevada through such organizations as the HRC and reinforce Cox’s proactive approach in adding programming of interest specifically to this audience.

Cox Las Vegas’ Public Affairs and Marketing Departments worked with network partner here! to position Cox as a company that embraces diversity and supports niche audiences such as the GLBT community with desirable program offerings.

The multiple branding and marketing/outreach efforts all focused on positioning Cox & here! as GLBT-friendly, while also shining the spotlight on Cox’s gay programming and OnDemand content.

  • The goal of these efforts was to reach 10,000 event attendees and gain a 3 percent market share during the live parade broadcast and webcast.
  • A second goal focused on increasing subscription video OnDemand sales by 20 percent in the weeks following the events.

Implementation included partnering with SNAPI (Southern Nevada Association of Pride Inc.), to assist the local gay-advocacy group bring awareness to its annual night parade via the live Cox 96 broadcast; securing local CBS anchor Chris Saldaña as the parade co-host; producing special cross-channel PSAs and a custom, results-oriented direct mail piece special to Cox’s GLBT programming.  Additional outreach included exclusive branding and event sponsorship reaching an estimated 10,000+attendees through Cox and here! messaging, the Cox Meet & Greet Booth and exclusive giveaways.

The results – on the day after the PRIDE parade broadcast, experienced a 240% increase in website hits and more than 2,500 Cox customers tuned in to view the parade coverage live and during several repeat broadcasts on Cox 96.  The sales impact related to the targeted direct mail piece exceeded a 20 percent increase in new subscriptions to GLBT programming and OnDemand services.

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