Case Study: The Great Circle – Naming and Branding

The Outside Las Vegas Foundation (OLVF) contracted with FFW to name and brand a 113-mile multi-use trail that will surround the Las Vegas Valley.  With energetic excitement and passion FFW set about to name and brand this massive project.  A project like The Great Circle is a game changer here in the Las Vegas Valley.  Along with Red Rock Canyon, The Valley of Fire, and Mt. Charleston, The Great Circle gives locals and visitors alike the ability to recreate outdoors.  The Great Circle has the ability to become a destination attraction, a “must see” element of our community.  FFW feels extremely confident in tackling a project of this scope and magnitude.  The Great Circle will ultimately become a legacy we leave for generations to come.

To answer the challenge of naming and branding such an enormous project and cementing The Great Circle as a fixture in the community, FFW developed and executed a very inclusive informational campaign.  This campaign consisted of meeting with all the stakeholders that, ultimately, will be The Great Circle’s partners.  For the long-term stability and viability of the project, FFW felt it necessary and vital to include these groups’ input.  Stakeholders included:

  • City of Las Vegas
  • City of North Las Vegas
  • City of Henderson
  • Clark County
  • Southern Nevada Agency Partnership – (US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, National Forest Service, and The Bureau of Land Management)
  • Regional Open Space and Trails
  • River Mountains Trail Partnership

FFW presented each group with a project overview, a company overview, and a brief explanation of the process of naming and branding, and our own connection to The Great Circle.  With this information, those in attendance were asked to provide FFW feedback in the form of ideas they have about the project, emotions they feel about the project, and general name possibilities.

FFW was then able to process this valuable stakeholder input and generate a candidate list that we then, internally, prepared at “Top 10” so to speak, of potential names for the project.  The top candidate names were then presented to the client for approval upon which an e-blast will be sent to various environmental, hospitality and government agencies/groups inviting them to participate in this quick survey of names.  A hot link embedded within the e-blast will take people to a landing page where they will have an opportunity to mark their preference. FFW is creating a list of these various agencies, companies and groups and will work with them individually to secure   their cooperation in distributing the e-blast to their respective databases.

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