Case Study: SNWA Water Quality

Faiss Foley Warren Public Relations works in partnership with the Southern Nevada Water Authority to plan and implement an on-going Water Quality Public Education Program.  Quantitative and qualitative research studies have shown a link between our local water’s aesthetic qualities and public perception of safety – this despite Southern Nevada having one of the top municipal water supplies in the nation.

The objectives of the public relations advertising campaign are to increase water quality comfort levels among the target audience and establish SNWA as “The Authority” when it comes to water quality.  These efforts have included the development of print ads, 30-second television ads, 60-second radio ads that all focus on three core messages:

  • Professionals keep a close eye on your water
  • Your water meets federal health standards
  • Purchase decisions about supplemental water treatment systems should be based on preference, not concern about water quality.

The advertising campaign is in addition to ongoing public relations efforts conducted by Southern Nevada Water Authority staff and has included the addition of outreach materials in English and Spanish to target audiences.  The agency manages creative development and oversees a media outreach budget on behalf of the client.


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