Connecting downtown Las Vegas through the Human Experience

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Have you heard of Human Experience? The open mic event takes place every Monday night at The Beat in downtown Las Vegas and it’s all about community. 

Our very own Selina Melancon has made this event part of her Monday ritual, and has even picked up the mic to host… Here’s how she describes the experience:

“Jeff and Miss Joy, founders of Human Experience, created a place where people have open hearts for each other’s vulnerability expressed through art of all sorts. There is a strong sense of family despite incredible diversity: assurance that one will be welcomed, loved and embraced no matter what. The togetherness overflows into community service, connecting the individuals even further. It is a beautiful mixture that makes me love Mondays for the first time in my life.”

Check it out Monday nights at The Beat (6:30pm sign up.) Learn more from this video produced by BeyondNeonFilm:

I Am Downtown-HE from BeyondNeonFilm on Vimeo.

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