Connecting with America’s affluent through social media

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We all know that social media is about connecting with followers and providing quality content and incentives to keep them engaged. But according to the 2011 Affluence Collaborative survey, affluent consumers are looking for something a bit different than the general population when clicking “like” on that page.

This eMarketer article does a good job at breaking the survey down and suggests that affluent social media users are acting more as “brand ambassadors,” and need consistent messaging that makes their social media experience “meaningful for self-expression.”

While the general public is looking more for deals and discounts, the majority of affluent consumers are more apt to follow a brand because they love it and want to keep up with the latest news.

Also, Facebook is number one for all groups, but when compared to the general population, wealthy internet users are on LinkedIn and Twitter at almost twice the rate.

To truly reach the affluent via social media, marketers need to provide the same quality experience online that they expect in the brands they love.

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