Creating art with denim for a great cause!

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FFW takes pride in working with organizations that make a difference in our community, such as The Rape Crisis Center (RCC). The more I work and interact with RCC staff, volunteers and even survivors, the more passionate I become with the organization’s mission to help transition victims of sexual assault into survivors. I continue to be amazed by the strength of the human spirit every time I listen and/or read stories of survival. The strength it takes to turn a traumatic experience into a treasure to support and guide those who are in need is truly motivating to me.

Since I started assisting RCC with social media content, I’ve heard positive testimonials from volunteers about how the organization continuously works to provide the resources, education and awareness not only to its clients but also to the community at large through its prevention efforts. I have to admit that it breaks my heart every time I read survival stories but, at the same time, it inspires me even more to become a strong part of this mission. I am proud to say that I have been fortunate not only to work with the staff and most of the volunteers but also to become almost like a family with them.

RCC has reached an important milestone this year: The organization has served Southern Nevada for the past 40 years. As part of this accomplishment, the RCC has upcoming events to raise awareness about the issue of sexual assault. Denim Day was part of this celebration. On April 23rd, the community joined RCC to celebrate its first-time Denim Day Art Auction at the Las Vegas City Hall to honor survivors of sexual assault. The purpose of the event was to encourage local artists, students and activists to create art with denim as a component.

Each piece of art was created and donated by a local artist. Art pieces included wearable fashion, such as jeans and jean jackets, as well as paintings using denim as canvas, photos mounted on denim, and denim jewelry. It was amazing to see the creative and beautiful denim art pieces come to life for a great cause.


Here’s the story on how Denim Day came to be: The community commemorates a decision by the Supreme Court of Italy, which overturned a rape conviction because the victim wore tight jeans. The panel concluded she must have assisted her attacker in taking them off and, as a result, she was consenting. The decision brought global attention to the victim blaming that still occurs when it comes to the issue of sexual assault.

Wonderful things happen when the community comes together to make a positive impact. Arts A Cause, one of the generous sponsors for this event, is a non-profit organization – founded by Dana Balaban and Zoey Larner – dedicated to funding compassionate causes through the sale of art and volunteer work. Dana and Zoey understand the importance of raising awareness in our community about RCC and that’s the reason why they participated. Also, they donated artwork in order to raise money for RCC as well as food for the event. Mundo Restaurant, an upscale Mexican restaurant located in the emerging downtown Las Vegas, crafted the delicious food and refreshing drinks for the event.

Thanks to this significant community support, the center was able to set up a nice auction to display the denim art!

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