Dance Moms Can Have It All

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Dance Moms. Has anyone seen the crass but so addicting Lifetime show? I wasn’t familiar with the show until I heard one of the mom’s talk about it at my daughter’s, Paizley, dance lessons a few months back. Paiz has been taking dance for two years now – mind you, she’s 4. It’s always been in more of a fun and dress up fashion than competition based.


This year, the dynamic is different. Long gone are the days where you dress them up in tutu’s and get excited when they successfully master first position and a forward roll. It’s now focused on routines and techniques. Her instructor is all business. I guess you would have to be to tolerate hyper kids all day.

Spending more time at the dance studio and less wrangling my 2 year old son who, yes, gets to attend every class as well – a topic for a different day – I find myself surrounded by moms. Some who gush over their kids performances glued to the preview windows, practicing before and after and getting frustrating and visibly upset when their child misses a beat. It’s a pretty heavy thing to watch. I am committed to ensuring I will never take things that far. That I am not THAT type of mom. Yeah right.

Just last week I found myself working with my daughter on her recital routine. It’s for her jazz class and there are different tumbling pieces incorporated. Super cute and aggressive for a 4/5 year old class. Next thing I know I am on the floor – still dressed in work chic attire – showing her the proper way to do a backbend and cartwheel. “You need to arch your back all the way.” “Point your toes.” “That was sloppy, Paiz. Let’s try it again.” “Smile.” I’m sure I said more than my fair share of things when my little 4-year-old stops to tell me I need to calm down. Lesson learned. Here I am going on and on about those moms that push their kids too far and wouldn’t you know, I’m the one who is suddenly turning into the bossy Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms. Oy. I guess as parents, you really do want your kiddos to be the best they can be.

I learn daily as a mom – mostly from my mistakes. This time my takeaway was to TRY (keyword) not to be so judgmental. Moms are humans too. And just because a mom might act like a bossy dance mom, doesn’t mean she loves her child any less. Besides, there is something empowering about a strong willed woman who wants it all. Cheers to all the dance moms out there!

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