Don’t you miss your family and friends?

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The oft-repeated question everyone asks me when I tell them I’m not from Vegas.

When I decided to pick up and move my life from Philadelphia to Las Vegas, it never struck me how hard being away from my family and friends was going to be.

You see, I come from an extremely large family. I am one of six kids, my mom is one of eight, my dad is one of three, I have 22 first cousins and eight nieces and nephews. Not to mention we are Irish and Italian, so holidays, family parties and Sunday night dinners were always jam-packed and entertaining. But it wasn’t until moving away that I realized how close of a family we were and how much of their lives I was going to miss out on.I was going to miss birthdays, sports games, weddings, watching my nieces and nephews grow up, babies being born, loved ones passing away, and so much more. Luckily though, with all of the new social media and technology nowadays, I don’t miss out on as much as I thought I would.

My siblings, friends, and extended family members all have social media and post status updates and photos almost daily of what is going on in their lives. Sometimes I feel like I hardly miss a beat.

Outside of social media, there is Skype.

Skype has to be one of my favorite creations. Skype allows me to chat with my parents face to face on Sundays for hours and just catch up on life. It allows me to call my family every single holiday and just be there, even though I’m not physically there, as part of the chaos we all know family functions can have. The best part is, my nieces and nephews can use it and love to talk on it. (Though I’m not sure if they actually like talking to me, or more so like the fact they can see themselves talking and making faces at me.)

We have been given the ability to “travel” with a click of a button. We are able to communicate at the blink of an eye and have face to face communication on the go.

So to answer the question, of course I miss my family and friends. Of course, I wish they were living right down the street from me. Of course, being with them in person would be better. But, with social media and Skype, it makes them seem as if they aren’t so far away.

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