Entrepreneur Barbie: Life in Plastic Isn’t Realistic

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Whenever I get an email with “Barbie” in the headline, I pay attention. After all, we were born the same year – 1959 to be exact.  But that’s where the similarities end. While Barbie (and Ken and Skipper) were childhood favorites of mine, it wasn’t until the 1980s and 90s that I began to notice her careers and adventures: Princess Barbie, Cinderella Barbie, Vacation Barbie, Beach Barbie and Model Barbie.  How did Barbie manage to live such a glamorous life when I was simultaneously juggling a demanding career, a growing family and an expanding waistline?  As Barbie effortlessly maintained her super svelte figure,  I was chowing down on my kids’ leftover PB&J crusts and nibbling on leftover chicken nuggets and pizza bones.  

Once Mattel’s cultural and gender awareness kicked in (and the company succumbed to feminist pressure), Barbie’s careers expanded to include Doctor Barbie, Nurse Barbie, Olympic Skier Barbie and Arctic Explorer Barbie.  Still, Barbie continued to lead a pretty glamorous life. Fast forward to today when I received this email: “Entrepreneur Barbie Means Business!”  Now there’s a Barbie I can relate to.  Until I got a closer look.

exec barbie

“Complete with smart phone, tablet and briefcase, Barbie is ready for her next big pitch.”  As we all know in the crazy PR biz, a new business pitch is generally preceded by weeks of planning (if you’re lucky), days of writing, loads of revisions, indecision about PPT vs. video vs. handouts, last minute cramming and changes  – all punctuated by quarts of caffeine and stress eating.  

Come pitch day, a real PR professional can’t possibly look like Barbie who hasn’t eaten a full meal in a year and just finished a month-long spa retreat complete with toning, training, pampering, coiffing and bronzing. So, here are a few accessories to add to Entrepreneur Barbie as she waltzes off to that pitch: an overflowing trash can of coffee cups and dark chocolate wrappers (dark chocolate isn’t that bad for you, right?), a manicure that’s five days overdue, dark roots that are screaming for bleach and a messy desk. But maybe, just maybe, when we land the account, we can look like Entrepreneur Barbie….in our dreams! 

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