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If your goal is to have a well-captured, professional looking profile picture please start by reading my top online dating and social profile picture tips. This list elaborates more on what to avoid during your session in order to get the best shot!

Tip #1: Women – Avoid using too much moisturizer! You want to look clean and fresh, not greasy and shiny. I encourage my clients to use powder instead of moisturizer. Guys – same thing! Us dudes tend to be really greasy and oily naturally. Try to degrease before you come in and we will handle the rest.

Tip #2: Relax! In the nearly 15 years I have been a photographer I have encountered two types of people in front of my lens – folks who are very comfortable behind the camera and those who are not.

It’s my job as a professional to set you at ease and yield images that put you in the best light. Having said that try to relax before your session. Perhaps arrive at your appointment early to minimize any stress.  Try not to schedule your session in between meetings because your mind will be other places. If necessary, bring a nice bottle of red and we will be instant friends!

Tip #3: Don’t underestimate the power of a candid moment. I think candid moments make for very powerful pictures and they come across as more “real” than posed photos. When we work together I am always looking for those moments in-between poses where we are just laughing or having fun while shooting. I have made some many nice photos this way and usually prefer them over the staged moments.

Tip #4: When reviewing your images do NOT get hung up on your minor imperfections! Every time I do a portrait and review the imagery with my subject I know exactly what is going on in their head as they review the shots. Inside they are stressing about every little detail or imperfection and it tends to impact their ability to pick the best shot. They begin to choose a shot for all the wrong reasons.

To complicate things further, the quality of digital photography has risen so high that the detail cameras can capture with the right lens can be a painful reality check. In the old days we would slap on a soft focus filter and literally try to blur you so the imperfections are not so obvious. These days, the imperfection correction techniques lie in post-production. Point being – when reviewing your imagery with the photographer don’t get hung up on the little things.

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