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We all aim for that perfect shot – especially to post online as your social profile pic!  Before you walk into Studio J for your Facebook Friday session, here are some steps to lead to a fantastic session and great results!

Tip #1:
Manscape! Guys, this is your chance to raise the bar with your online presence or dating game. If you really want to “up your game” you need to get out of your box and challenge your comfort zone just a bit. Go get those big bushy eyebrows trimmed or waxed, get a fresh haircut – what the hell, get a facial! Girls, you’re typically a lot better at routine body maintenance, so be sure and schedule your appointments right before your photo shoot as you absolutely want to put the best of yourself out there.

Tip #2: Wardrobe. Guys – it’s time to go shopping and I don’t mean Target or Wal-Mart! If you haven’t bought a nice pair of jeans or a nice shirt in a few years I recommend hitting the store! Check out some trendy brands and be prepared to drop a little cash on some nice jeans and a couple shirt options. Not only will you look great for you portrait but you will for sure impress if you’re on a date.

Tip #3: Be Yourself! After “raising your game” with all of the self-maintenance and shopping, at picture time remember to stay true to who you are and be yourself. You shouldn’t deviate too far from who you really are as that is the key ingredient in a successful online photo. Your friends, and potential dates, will still recognize you and will appreciate the effort you put into that hot photo!

Facebook Friday is 8/26! Contact for an appointment and look out for the Groupon deal on Friday!

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