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FFW March Madness Brackets



Huskies rejoice! Unfortunately, no one in our office pool chose Connecticut to take it all…in fact, we were all out after the final four. Gators and Spartans alike had to throw away their brackets. But that’s not going to stop up from declaring a victor and handing out a frosted cupcake!

Congratulations, McKinzie! 

Here are the final scores:

Basic Picks

  • McKinzie: 68 pts
  • Lisa: 65 pts
  • Marsha: 53 pts

Seed Bonus

  • McKinzie: 319 pts
  • Lisa: 314 pts
  • Marsha: 233 pts


  • Lisa: 106 pts
  • McKinzie: 105 pts
  • Marsha: 80

This marks an end to my sports writing career. Ah, tis bittersweet.


This past weekend saw some serious knock-outs. Half of our staff didn’t make it to the Final Four with McKinzie and Lisa tied for top spot. Adrienne and Marsha are still in the game but eating dust. Who will win? Who will get to taste their victory cupcake?!

Basic Picks

  • Lisa and McKinzie- 65 pts
  • Marsha- 53 pts
  • Adrienne – 48 pts

Seed Bonuses (Underdogs…I’m told)

  • Lisa – 314 pts
  • McKinzie – 302 pts
  • Marsha – 233 pts


  • Lisa – 106
  • Marsha – 95
  • Aisha – 80


Our Wonder Women are still in the game! There were some serious upsets – I’m told the Duke versus Mercer game was a huge game changer and ripped up a slew of brackets. I picked Mercer purely by chance and the only one to do so in the office. I’m patting myself on the back for my random thinking.

Apparently, there are many ways to score brackets and more points can be awarded for underdog picks and upsets. Here’s our basic pick scoring:

Second Third Sweet 16 Elite 8 Final 4 Final
1 2 3 4 6 10

Here are the top three leaders based on basic picks, seed bonuses and upsets.

Basic Picks

  • Lisa – 45 pts
  • McKinzie – 42 pts
  • Dani – 41 pts

Seed Bonuses (Underdogs…I’m told)

  • Lisa – 237 pts
  • McKinzie – 219 pts
  • Marsha – 204 pts


  • Lisa – 78
  • Marsha – 67
  • Aisha – 66

Original Post

We’re a little bit late to the game, but we’re still in it to win it! Despite our local team – UNLV – not making it to the first round, we will play on with our own office pool. Check out some of our staff picks for this year’s games. Stay tuned for more fun basketball madness on this post!

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