The FFW Nut Buffet: Sometimes We Feel Like a Nut

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Recently, I ran across one of those articles about the best places to work and why those places were considered as such. Well, that got me thinking. As a relatively new member of the FFW team, I am regularly asked by friends and colleagues how I like it. And, without hesitation the answer is always “I love it, one of the best places I have ever worked.” The reasons for my affinity run the gamut – from “I-am-honored-to-be-working-with-such-amazing-public-relations-professionals” to less significant details like “we have a Jason’s Deli and a coffee shop IN THE BUILDING.”

As a big believer that the even the smallest things can make a difference, I dedicate this blog to one such minor, yet significant perk that for me, makes FFW one of the best places to work. Ladies and gentleman, FFW has a nut buffet. And what do I mean by nut buffet? I mean a consistently filled assortment of no less than 14 different palette-pleasing flavors of nuts, predominantly almonds. Until I came to FFW, I had no idea that blueberry flavored almonds even existed. And don’t get me started on the dark chocolate almonds – sweet and salty in a single morsel. Delish!

The partners of FFW are highly skilled at keeping us all motivated and energized. Clearly the nut buffet aids in doing just that for yours truly. And for those who are wondering how I often I graze at the nut buffet, you will never know because there is just one more small detail to mention – there is also a 24 Hour Fitness in our building. Boom! How’s that for best places to work?

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