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We all have those random little fun facts, which not many people know about us. We posed to the lovely ladies at FFW the question, “what’s one unique or fun tidbit about yourself that most folks may not know?” We’re here to tell you, the answers from these lovely ladies will not disappoint.

“Sports are my whole life. I competed on boys’ teams until high school where I lettered in basketball & softball. I then continued to play rugby, basketball and softball at the collegiate level, which resulted in jobs coaching & working for four professional sports organizations.” – Dana

“I turned down the Nevada State Press Association award for Best Writing by a Woman in a Nevada newspaper. As a brand new reporter for the Reno Evening Gazette, I wrote an award-winning series on cancer in Nevada. When my editors said they were going to nominate me in that category, I told them I would refuse to accept it unless there was a category for Best Writing by a Man. There wasn’t — and now there is no longer a category just for women either.” – Linda

“I’m a published knitwear designer and I once went on a tour of six states, staying with strangers along the way, to meet with knitting groups and crafting circles to talk about how hand crafting has its own subcultures.” – Daniella

“I showed up for tennis tryouts in the ninth grade not realizing that there was not a girls’ tennis team. I was the only girl on the varsity tennis team for four years in high school.” – Lisa

“I was Cherry Blossom Princess in Washington, DC representing NV.” – Helen

“In high school I decided to enter a poem of mine into a national contest, not having any intentions of it being chosen. Well, it was chosen, and not only was it chosen, the organization that ran the contest wanted me to read my poem aloud for the conference they were hosting for the winners.” – Katie

“I was a Girl Scout for 10 years. In middle school I acted as a spokesperson for my local council and when I was in the 11th grade they selected me to be the Bergen County (NJ) Girl Delegate for the National Girl Scout Convention in Minneapolis. My high school classmates loved that they could buy Girl Scout cookies from me! When I graduated I received a college scholarship from the Girl Scouts. Years later I had the privilege of serving on the board of trustees for a local Girl Scout council in North Carolina.”  – Adrienne

“One morning, back in the Boston area, I heard an ad on the radio for Patriots Cheerleader tryouts that day. I didn’t have any plans so I said, why not! I hopped in my car and drove an hour by myself to Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. I think we all know how this ends… It was very, very hard. But, I was happy I did it!” – Marsha

“My kindergarten teacher in the 1970’s was a man – the tall, handsome, clean-shaven Mr. Kegg.  And there were 18 students, including me, in my high school graduating class (and I’m friends on Facebook with all of them who are on Facebook!)” – Susie

“As a big Red Sox fan, I was lucky enough to go to the season opener game between the Red Sox and Yankees at Fenway Park in 2005 (the year after they historically beat the Yankees in the ALCS and then went on to win the World Series against St. Louis) during which the Red Sox got their World Series rings. At the game, I signed Pesky pole – with my full name – which was right by our seats. Then a few years later, I went to game 3 of the World Series between Red Sox and the Rockies in 2007 in Denver.” – Amy

“For a short time while I was in college, I was one of the hula dancers that would perform hourly at Hawaiian Marketplace on the Strip. In between shows, I was tasked with simply walking around to pose for photos with tourists!” – Cherryl

“I shaved my head the last summer before I graduated college. I knew I wanted to be a news anchor and I thought it would be the last time I could do something crazy with my hair.”  – Karen

“In 1968, I paved the way for girls to wear pants to school at Crestview Elementary School after securing permission from the school’s Principal, Mr. Jackman, a big, imposing and intimidating man. I wore a lime green plaid pantsuit the next day, creating a huge buzz.  The day after that, nearly every girl at Crestview Elementary School wore pants.  The rest, as they say, is history!” – Melissa

“I was a certified phlebotomist. Beat that!” – McKinzie

And just think, this probably doesn’t even break the surface of all the fun, random tidbits surrounding this special group of women. We know one thing for certain, these ladies never cease to amaze.

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