My First Press Conference

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The FFW Team. Photo by Jim Decker

The FFW Team. Photo by Jim Decker

Things I knew about press conferences prior to last month, gleaned mostly from television and movies:

  • There was usually a podium involved
  • And chairs
  • And people speaking
  • Hopefully members of the media show up

Things I now know about press conferences after participating in my first one:

  • Many hours of planning, preparation, coordination and writing go into making it work
  • Many more hours go into getting the podium, chairs, speakers and media to show up
  • There is no perfect place to put 8 foot tall letters
  • Don’t wear all black if the press conference is going to be outside in 100 degree heat
  • Pack more water than you think you need
  • And snacks
  • Be sure to tell your co-workers how much you appreciate them throughout the day in case this is the end of all of you.

Helping out with the press conference to kick off the launch of general availability for the new .Vegas top level domain (that bit behind the dot in your web address can now be Vegas instead of com!) was quite the experience. It was really cool to watch it all come together from volleying ideas around a conference table to the set up and execution of several speakers and giant letters that spelled out .Vegas.

Account executives wear many hats, which was something I already knew, but it was very cool to watch Managing Partner Melissa Warren, Senior Account Executive Lisa Robinson and Social Media Director Marsha MacEachern hammer out every detail from who was speaking when to where we’d all collapse at the end of the day. (That last bit is a stretch, but it was all pretty expertly planned out!) As a new member of the FFW team and still learning the ropes of public relations in general it was an eye opening and exciting experience! I look forward to the next one.

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