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It’s February, and the month started off sunny and in the 70’s. Spring is right around the corner. The year-round temperate weather in Las Vegas, makes the valley a perfect location for riding a bike almost any time. From the beautiful vistas of Red Rock to bustling downtown Las Vegas, there are more places to ride a bike in Las Vegas than ever before.

Downtown Las Vegas has miles of green bike lanes that make commuting by bicycle easy. In fact, riding a bike the short distances in downtown can save time and money – reducing the need to find (and pay for) parking – and it’s better for the environment and our own health and wellbeing. Need a new tire or chain? Or want a place to change clothes after your morning ride before work? There is a bike repair shop and storage facility at the Bonneville Transit Center, located in the heart of downtown. And several businesses offer its employees the option to use e-bikes. These souped-up bikes are powered with an electric motor in addition to a rider’s own effort. Even at FFW, we can just go downstairs, hop on an e-bike and a lunch run becomes fast and convenient.

On weekends, cycling through the beautiful scenery of Southern Nevada has become a popular pastime. While I am a runner at heart, I realize you can cover a lot more terrain on two wheels than on two feet. The bike routes and paths that traverse the valley are seemingly endless. The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) publishes a bike map and holds bike clinics on maintenance and safety, which are especially helpful for novice riders. Some helpful links include:

Bike Route Trails Map

Bike Center Clinics

So as we continue to enjoy sunshine and an early spring (while the East Coast and Mid-West continue to shovel snow), take advantage of our good weather fortune, and hop on a bike to explore your neighborhood or all the beauty that Las Vegas has to offer.


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