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Picture Celebrates the Successful Conviction of Mobster Al Capone for Tax Evasion

(LAS VEGAS)– To honor one of its greatest success stories in American history, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) generously donated a photo that depicts the team responsible for successfully taking down notorious Mobster Al Capone. The photo was presented to Jonathan Ullman, executive director of The Mob Museum by Paul Camacho, Special Agent in Charge, Las Vegas Field Office, IRS.  The photo donation is also in memory of IRS Criminal Director of Field Operations Julio La Rosa, who was a tremendous force thwarting organized crime in Florida.

The “then and now” photo compilation features a  1931 photo, taken on the west lawn of the White House,  that includes President Herbert Hoover and Elmer Irey, then Chief of the IRS Intelligence Unit who led the Capone investigation.  More than 50 members of the IRS Criminal Investigation Bureau who worked tirelessly on the case are also included in the photo.   The photo was taken shortly after Capone’s 1931 conviction.

In the compilation, the original photo is contrasted to the July 2009 re-enactment of this historic moment on the 90th anniversary of the IRS’ Criminal Investigation Unit.  The 2009 photo features IRS Criminal Investigation Senior Staff and Special Agents in Charge with IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman.

According to Camacho, La Rosa embodied everything Elmer Irey stood for 90 years ago.  “We simply wanted to honor our legacy and couldn’t think of a better place to have this photo on display than The Mob Museum.  A portion of the Museum is already dedicated to IRS efforts to stop Mob activity and this photo seemed to be a perfect addition.”

“We are so grateful for this donation as it embodies The Mob Museum’s mission to showcase history from both the side of law enforcement and that of organized crime,” said Ullman, of the photo that celebrates an important federal victory in the fight against the Mob.

In 1931, President Hoover personally requested Irey to bring down Capone.  During that investigation, IRS agents interviewed each employee of Marshall Fields Department store in Chicago where Capone paid cash for his silk underwear and custom-made wool suits.  IRS agents also interviewed the local butcher where Capone purchased a minimum of 60 chickens per day to feed members of his gang.  Other interview subjects included a variety of Chicago business owners who frequently did business with Capone, including real estate agents, a gas station owner, hat maker, car dealership salesmen and jewelers. From the interviews, the agents pieced together an air tight, net worth investigation of Capone that meticulously documented nearly every penny he spent.  This, despite the fact Capone had no bank account and reported no income. The evidence, along with his secret second set of books from the Hawthorne Smoke Shop, successfully put Capone in jail for tax evasion for seven years and six months.

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