Las Vegas Fall Fun for Children

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mckinzie-fall-funWhat’s more delicious than a festive Autumn outfitting with kids? I love the holidays. But having children has added to my zest for life by seeing it through my mini’s eyes. Their excitement at the smallest details that I so frequently overlook. It’s magical. So we packed up the car, called some friends and headed to Gilcrease Orchard to the pumpkin patch to kick-off the month of October in festive style.

A Montana girl born and bred, Gilcrease is the one few places in Las Vegas where I can escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and get back in touch with my roots. And their pumpkin patch is phenomenal. You literally pick the pumpkins from the stems in the ground. It’s quite an experience. From tractor rides to picking seasonal bounty and home-grown goodies, to the pumpkin patch and apple cider donuts, I swoon with excitement. Here are some pics from our fun-filled adventure. My little one has the pink bedazzled shades. A girl after my own heart.

Happy Halloween and October, all!



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