Las Vegas joins in global social media day celebration

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In case you missed it, at least 100 social media enthusiasts in Las Vegas participated in a global celebration June 30 in honor of Mashable’s “Social Media Day.”

In fact, Mayor Oscar Goodman even made the day official by signing a proclamation, which was revealed at the event held at Rok Vegas inside New York-New York. The Las Vegas event was spearheaded by Finesse Enterprises and served as a great networking opportunity for the region’s social media leaders.

Mashable CTO Frederick Townes spoke about the “digital revolution” and how it’s shaping the world. His main points:

Brands are demonstrating increased social responsibility, transparency and accountability
-Social media has made connecting with a brand a shared experience with a mass audience following the conversation. This public forum is re-shaping how brands interact.
Readers self-select authoritative voices

-We now have the ability to filter who we want to follow and connect with, instead of being told who to follow.
More signal and less noise
-Along the same lines, with our ability to choose who we follow, we can better sift through the clutter and get to the point we’re seeking.
Mobile & Location-Enabled
-We bring our social interaction on the road to share outside experiences with friends and followers.
Not just for the early adopters
-It’s never too late to join in the fun and benefit from social media.

Reading online pubs such as Mashable and SocialMediaExaminer can help sort through the ever-evolving digital revolution. You can check out the full presentation from the event here:

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