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When I moved back to Las Vegas last year, I moved here because of the cool things happening downtown. I lived in the southwest part of the Valley for several years while going to school at CSN and UNLV but when I was here the first time in the early aughts, DTLV hadn’t quite hit its stride. When I visited last spring I knew something special was happening and I wanted to be here for it. (And it snowed in my hometown in May of last year, I was definitely ready for warmer weather!)

Wednesday DTLV

Wednesdays Downtown, a weekly block party on Fremont East

One of the great things about working with FFW is that I get to live, work and play in downtown Las Vegas. My commute to work each morning is less than 3 miles from doorstep to desk. One of the great things about being at FFW is that it’s my job to do exactly what I would already be doing: keeping up with the great bars, restaurants, cultural events and businesses that are operating in heart of Las Vegas. One of my favorite new things downtown is Wednesday Downtown. It’s on hiatus during the hot summer months but the event is a weekly block party on Fremont East each Wednesday featuring art, music, and happy hour specials from the area bars. If you missed the debut events in May watch for the return of the event this fall.

Recently I was able to join one of our clients, Dot Vegas Inc., when they sponsored an episode of the Downtown Podcast. The podcast is taped in an apartment in The Ogden by young entrepreneurs and volunteers and airs on YouTube weekly. The podcast showcases some of the area’s best talent, services and events. If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a studio audience, this is the one to be in. They’re no Oprah, they’re not giving away cars and spa packages, but they pack a lot of fun into a single hour of taping. Plus there’s a drinking song! RSVP to be in the audience here.


(Dusty Trevino from Dot Vegas and Mack Holiday from HolidayWhatTV)

There are big things happening downtown and more coming down the pike. I’m excited to be a part of the action on every level: living, working and playing.

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