A Master Plan for Downtown Las Vegas

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On January 29, we will kick off the first of a series of community meetings about the City of Las Vegas’ Downtown Master Plan.

What is a Downtown Master Plan, anyway, and why should you be interested, even excited to participate in the process?


Every iconic city you know has a Master Plan – it’s the way a city identifies its core values and how all future projects align with those values.

Paris, for example, was plagued by disease, overcrowding and crime in the middle of the 1800s. Its infrastructure hadn’t been changed since the Middle Ages. Voltaire had long complained about the markets “established in narrow streets, showing off their filthiness, spreading infection and causing continuing disorders.” If you went to see Les Miserables in theaters or on stage, you know exactly what Voltaire was writing about.

It wasn’t until 1848, when Napoleon III decided that Paris needed a renovation.
More and broader avenues were built to connect each neighborhood (arrondisement) to the center of Paris; two train stations – Gare du Nord and Gare de Lyon – were built to connect Paris to the rest of France; four major parks were constructed on the cardinal points of the city’s compass to provide leisure to residents and the signature Paris Opera crowned the center of this new Paris.

Today, in Las Vegas, we have a similar opportunity to create a far-reaching and holistic vision of our community’s future through architecture, public works, art, culture, transportation, green and open spaces- all the things that make a city iconic, livable and prosperous.


Specifically – our community has that opportunity this entire year with a kick-off event and community meeting on January 29 with the City of Las Vegas and RTKL, the global land planning and architecture firm retained by the city to oversee the development of a master plan for the next 20 years.

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