Meet Capture Downtown! Judge Ryan Reason

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Meet one of the talented judges for this year’s Capture Downtown! 2012 Las Vegas Photo Competition! He also shares a tip or two for photographers…

Name: Ryan Reason   
Occupation: Photographer / Studio Manager at Studio West Photography

Q: What is your background in photography?
RR: I have been working as a commercial photographer for a little over four years now, but I have been shooting photos since I was 10. I love photography, and I’ve been blessed to be able to make a living at it.

Q: Why did you decide to become a judge in the Capture Downtown! Photo Competition?
RR: Our studio is part of the Arts Factory, so much of my time is spent either there or in other parts of downtown Las Vegas. I know and love all downtown has to offer the Las Vegas community, and remember a time not too long ago when no one would say that about this neighborhood. It’s been amazing to watch everything develop so quickly, and I thought the idea of this competition encouraging the community to document this transitional period of our history was perfectly timed. I was honored to be asked to be a judge, and felt my passions of photography and downtown to be perfectly suited for the task.

Q: How do you think downtown benefits from this community competition?
RR: I believe this competition allows our residents and tourists to see downtown Las Vegas in a fresh light. The love and excitement that these photographers have for the subject matter really shows in their images, and now this collection helps promote downtown Las Vegas in the right way.

Q: Any tips you’d like to share for the photographers?
RR: Find something you like, and shoot it as much as you can. The repetition of the same type of subject will allow you to figure out ways how to shoot better each time, and help develop your own aesthetic. Be your own worst critic and always find something in the image you wish was a little bit better. The trick to art, and especially photography, is knowing which ones to keep.

Q: What is your favorite downtown spot and why?
RR: That’s like asking someone which of their kids is their favorite. There is so much diversity and flexibility in the spots I like, it really just depends on my mood at that particular moment. Again, not too long ago, no one would have said that about downtown Las Vegas. How great is that?T

*The Capture Downtown! 2012 Las Vegas Photo Competition launched June 6! Find all of the details at

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