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With fitbitPut the Fitbit down and walk away slowly! That’s what I wish someone said to me as I headed to the checkout aisle in Best Buy about a month ago. Never give an overly obsessive, Type-A personality, fitness fanatic something else to track! I started daily calorie counting almost two years ago, and now, with my handy Fitbit strapped to my wrist, tracking steps has been added to my quest for fitness perfection (if that’s even possible).

The step-tracking started when I opted into a fitness challenge through my Leadership Las Vegas class. We created teams and started tracking our steps and overall fitness goals. I want my team to win! Here’s my strategy to keep that band on and myself moving:

  • Put the band on immediately before getting out of bed so you don’t lose out on precious steps!
  • That rubbery-looking black band doesn’t always mesh with the outfit. No problem – Just buy the multi-colored replacement bands.
  • Didn’t hit the 10,000-step goal for the day? Okay, then you need to run in place until the Fitbit starts celebrating on your wrist!

If anything, this experience has taught me how sedentary we can be on certain days sitting at a desk. I’ve always tried to make up for that through my workouts, but knowing how little we move on down days has been eye-opening. It’s important to get up! Go talk to a co-worker instead of shooting an email across the room. Get some fresh air!

Hopefully my obsessive behavior will pay off and boost my team to victory. After that, I think I’ll be able to put the Fitbit down (fingers crossed).

P.S. My co-worker Aisha just informed me that there’s an app to remind you move around at work (it’s called Stand Up! The Work Break Timer). Check it out if you think it will help. I’m sticking with my friend, Fitbit, for now!

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