My Very First “Paint Nite”

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As you previously read, our FFW Spa Day was on Friday and it was absolutely glorious. Being pampered all day, followed by a champagne toast was quite the luxury. But, for me and two of my coworkers, Aisha and Marsha, the fun kept going!

A couple months ago, Aisha, Marsha and I decided to buy a Groupon to participate in our first ever “Paint Nite.” Now, for those of you who don’t know, Paint Nite consists of relaxation, laughs, friends, cocktails, good music, appetizers and of course, painting.

The event started around 7 p.m. when a teacher introduced herself with a canvas showing what we would be painting that night. Well, I don’t know about Marsha or Aisha, but when I looked at that painting I thought to myself, “there is no way my painting is going to turn out that good.” Thankfully though, the teacher was very patient and explained everything we would be doing step-by-step (like a “How to…For Dummies” book), which made things very easy to follow.

During the event we got to mix up various paint colors, be creative, add our own uniqueness and personalization into the painting and listen to/belt out some great old school tunes. Between me always needing more paint for mixing, having the paint all over me (thank goodness they supplied smocks) and being given the ability to be creative, I almost felt like a real artist.

The final canvas of my lovely artistic abilities…

No, it is not a Christmas tree

All in all, at the end of the event, I was proud of myself for how my painting looked. Granted, I did send the picture of my painting to my family and captioned it as, “this is the Eiffel Tower in Paris and not a Christmas tree.” My Dad still said he couldn’t tell what it was from the picture…thanks Dad.

Being able to enjoy the experience with my two coworkers was wonderful and needless to say, I will definitely be trying another “Paint Nite” in the future!

Marsha, me and Aisha with our final products

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