Oh, the Challenges of Desert Living

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We live and work in the desert. It’s hot and dry and difficult to find appropriate office attire that can stand the brutal heat and wind outside and brisk air conditioning inside. See this week’s forecast:


But do these temperatures and lack of rain indicate hazards beyond the daily wardrobe challenge?

Feeling a little crabby? Have an overwhelming urge to nap on your keyboard? Trouble concentrating? If you answered yes to any of these questions then mild dehydration may be taking its toll.  According to an article on PsychCentral.com, women are more adversely effected by mild dehydration than men (bad news for our office full of females) and, get this, the degradation of our cognitive abilities when we are dehydrated may be part of an ancient warning system.d

We are up against ancient biology? Oh no! What are we to do?

For us at FFW, it’s simple. Walk a few steps down the hall to find hydration salvation.


And since we at FFW are all responsible citizens of the planet, we never forget the final step.


Stay hydrated, Las Vegas.

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