Precision and Practice for Political Ads

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Like the old quote, “If at first you don’t succeed take 100 takes until your mouth turns to sandpaper.” Or something like that.

When I first walked into the makeshift studio on one of the top floors of a swanky business complex, I immediately feel the heat of the key lights. I can only imagine what it’s like for CEO of Sunrise Hospital, Todd Sklamberg standing right beneath them.


After the director says “cut”, the intrepid, pink-haired makeup artist brandishes an array of sponges to reapply foundation after every take.

I hear the director say, “Ok, let’s do 20 more takes and I think we’ll have it.”


Little did I know that a 30 second spot would take two hours to shoot!

It’s that kind of precision that’s needed in political ads. Campaigns get 15 and 30 second spots to convince voters to choose their side at the polls. Every second counts.

Our director, A.J. Carter, is relaxed and encouraging. The ad is three seconds under 30 for the entire spot: Todd’s got to slow some words down and take a longer pause in the middle.
(AJ also has a pretty cool dolly he’s using to add motion to the ad so that it isn’t just a talking head on your TV.)


After another several dozen takes, Todd is hitting it out of park with each take at 29 seconds – one second left for the slate asking voters to Vote No on 3 and visit our website,

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