We assist clients in the evaluation of events or situations that could lead to a crisis. This early involvement, combined with an understanding of clients’ businesses, has often served to avert a crisis. However, when bad things happen to good clients, we can help develop strategies that minimize the negatives and maximize the positives. Client services include:

  • Analysis of current crisis situation and potential future impact
  • Training management to handle a crisis
  • Developing crisis communications plans

In times of crisis, our protocol is to quickly review as much background as possible including previously published articles or broadcast segments; identify common perceptions surrounding the issue and identify the questions likely to be asked by local media, community leaders and the public in general.  Carefully weighing potential consequences and results, we then determine the most appropriate tactic:  to communicate with the media or not.  Sometimes, it’s better to let a story die quick, natural death than to prolong it by issuing press releases or statements. In cases where we determine the need to respond, set the record straight and/or provide information, we work quickly to draft key messages points, appropriate statements and/or press releases that provide just enough information – without over-communicating.

Because we believe our clients generally represent themselves best, we offer media training – well in advance of a crisis – and provide quick, refresher tips prior to media interviews. We work with clients to ensure they are comfortable and well prepared to answer expected questions, deflect unwanted questions with key message points and project an appropriate air of confidence, concern or sympathy – depending on the situation.

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