How to shoot your best cell phone video

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Shooting and editing video is one of my favorite duties on the job. I typically use a large video camera when producing videos for clients, but sometimes I whip out my cell phone for a quick shoot. Here are some quick tips I follow, and share with others, when it’s video cam time…

Cell phone video tips:

  • Keep your message short and sweet! 15-20 seconds is usually enough!
  • Hold your phone horizontally, not vertically.
  • If possible, have someone else film you – if they’re able to rest their elbows on a surface to cut down on shakiness that’s even better!
  • Make sure the camera is as close as possible to pick up your audio, and try to avoid filming in an area with a lot of background noise.
  • A fun background that’s colorful or has action is always best! Try to avoid boring, blank walls.
  • Make sure there is enough light in the room. If you’re outside, face the sun so that you’re not in a shadow with the sun behind you.

And don’t forget to have fun! Unless the subject of your video is serious in nature, it’s okay to let that personality shine. I tell people to talk a little louder, and with a little more inflection, movement and enthusiasm than normal. A little bit of this goes a long way when shooting a video (and you may just go viral).

-Marsha (video fanatic)

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