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Have I mentioned that I love my job? Indeed, I am grateful for being part of the social media team at FFW. I’ve learned many things in this field, thanks to our wonderful social media & video director Marsha MacEachern (Yes, I like to brag about her and all of our FFW ‘Wonder Women!’)

As a social media account coordinator, I’ve had the opportunity to help create social media content for some of our clients. Every day I learn something new and different as social media is a dynamic field. It is fun! Not to mention the opportunity to shoot photos and conduct interviews surrounding food and desserts for our restaurant clients (By the way, I love doing this!). Also, I’ve had the opportunity to write content surrounding inspirational stories about people who’ve confronted challenges throughout their lives.


I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to help our community in the social media field. I was recently contacted by Mike McNeese, chairman for the Air Force Association Thunderbird Chapter. He saw my name in a recent article about the new hires at FFW and found my contact information on our website. Mike expressed his interest in having a guest speaker for a ‘Social Media 101’ presentation for the 2014 AFA Southwest Region Conference. As soon as I told Marsha and our FFW Managing Partner Melissa Warren about this, they said, “It’s a great opportunity. Go for it!” Of course, Marsha and I teamed up for this venture.

Did we enjoy giving the presentation? You bet we did! We talked about the main social media sites, engagement, management and analytics as well. The conference had approximately 30 attendees.

And let me tell you,we were excited to see the strong engagement of our audience. They were actively asking questions and telling us to show them examples of the concepts we talked about.
What an amazing experience! On behalf of the FFW team, I’d like to thank the Air Force Association Thunderbird Chapter for reaching out for this great opportunity as guest speakers. Though this was our first time doing this, I envision our social media team giving more ‘Social Media 101’ presentations to different organizations on a regular basis…We’re thrilled to support our community as much as we can. By teaching others, I believe, we keep learning as well!

Photo: (Left to right) Claudia Magana, social media account coordinator at FFW; Mr. Robert Cunningham, president for Air Force Association Thunderbird Chapter, Mr. Mike McNeese, chairman for Air Force Association Thunderbird Chapter; and Marsha MacEachern, social media and video director at FFW.

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