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If you want to learn how to be good at something, your first step should be to look at those who are failing at it. True, social media is an evolving experiment. However, social media isn’t much more than ad copywriting and marketing. Both areas have well-documented rules of what works and what doesn’t.

The biggest thing that doesn’t work is underestimating the intelligence of your target audience. Intelligence is not the same thing as ignorance – you still want to introduce your service or product to potential customers. You don’t want to treat them like toddlers.

In that vein, the cheeky nutters at Condescending Corporate Brand Page created their Facebook page to take down corporate brand pages in the UK who seem to think anyone using social media is a dumb baby.

Here are some examples.

Link tragedy to your company


Offensive? Check. Idiotic? Check.

I laughed for a good five minutes at this post. Whoever posted this should have been fired.

Don’t Google anything

Anyone remember the KKK Krispy Kreme kontroversy?


Google is more than just your friend, Krispy Kreme. It is, in fact, the Oracle. If you really don’t know what the KKK is, it’s probably time to hire more diverse members to your team.

Create hashtags no one will ever use

One trend that gets my goat is #unnecessary #hashtags #noonewilluse. Hashtags are used to sort conversations across social media. They are used at conferences, events, concerts and trendsetters to varying degrees of success.


It’s also a hashtag that could be reclaimed to detrimental effect for the brand. If you want to know more about ways people will hijack a hashtag you’ve created, Google #mcdstories, #nowthatchersdead and #lgbtfacts.

Quiz your followers

Hyaena Help Plow? Paella Hyphen Ow? Alpha Wheel Pony?

I can’t figure this one out, guys.


Ask for likes every day

Call-to-actions are necessary but when used to plead for attention, they rarely work.



Final thoughts

If you’re guilty of any of the above, I hereby absolve you of all your past social media sins. But if you continue down this path, I will subtweet about you.

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