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On Tuesday my co-worker Marsha, FFW’s Director of Social Media, walked out of her cubicle with one hand full of almonds and the other blueberries. “Can you take a picture of my hands? Over here in the sunshine by the window, please?”

Okay. I did that. No questions asked.

This morning she came in to the office and began stuffing her purse with bottles of water and tee shirts to make it look full. “Can you take a picture that looks like I’m going shopping?”

Sure. No problem.

The camera roll on my iPhone is equal parts pictures of my two dogs and then 127 angles of the same bowl of soup from one of our client’s restaurants. Most photographers know you “take one for safety” just to make sure you got the shot you wanted. Social media people know you take 100 until you get exactly what you want.

camera roll

18 selfies trying to show off exactly what color of lipstick I’m wearing? Not vain at all, accurate.

Keeping a list of people’s Twitter handles in your Notepad app but immediately losing their business card? Yup.

How about eating a cold meal because you were too busy trying to get the right light that would really make that salmon entrée pop too realize it was getting cold. Definitely been there.

Working in social media sort of bleeds into the rest of your life as well. Social media people are the default ethnographers and documentarians in their families and friend groups. “I’m going to put that on Facebook” is probably the most uttered phrase you’ll hear from me at a social gathering. (Next to “can I open this bottle of wine?”)

When you work with a team of social media people it’s not at all unusual to follow them out into better lighting while they make their purse look like it’s full of expensive beauty items (when in reality it’s full of tee shirts and a box of tea bags) so you can help them snap a photo that makes it look like they’re shopping in an upscale mall.

When you devote your life to social media, your definition of weird gets shifted. The only thing that seems weird to me is when people DON’T want me to tweet that funny thing they just said.

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