Sometimes life gives you unicorns

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BszRu_ZCAAE7bL2If you had asked me 10 years ago what I would be doing in my 30’s I don’t think “posting pictures of grown men in unicorn masks on the internet” would have been my answer. I’m not really sure what my answer would have been, but that definitely wouldn’t have been on the top of the list.

But here I am, a jubilant member of the social media team at FFW, out on a Thursday night asking the gentleman in the unicorn mask to pose for a picture so I can post it to Twitter. Life is a funny thing, isn’t it? It’ll take you places you never dreamed of. It’s a pretty cool thing to have a job that keeps you on your toes.

In the eight months I’ve been with FFW I’ve learned a ton, but I’ve probably learned the most from our client Dot Vegas, Inc. Dot Vegas, Inc. is the registry for a new city specific top level domain that will be available to the general public on September 15. The last few months I’ve gone from “what’s a top level domain?” to “a top level domain is the thing that comes after the dot in a web address.” More importantly I’ve gone from never having met a unicorn man to now having several pictures of him on my phone! Mr. Unicorn is Joe Troia by the way, a Downtown Ranger and comedian.

We met Joe the Unicorn at a taping of the Downtown Podcast in July. Dot Vegas was a sponsor and guest and Joe, for reasons unknown, happened to show up to the taping in the unicorn head.  You can watch the episode below. Keep an eye out for Joe the Unicorn.

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