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Sometimes a picture perfectly captures the emotions, the execution and the aftermath of the holiday season for us public relations peeps. As I was thinking about the breakneck pace of press conferences, grand openings, annual events, and interviews organized by me and all the FFW Wonder Women, I ran across this Santa picture of my two sons, ages four and two at the time, taken at Fashion Show (an FFW client). And, I thought about how this image perfectly sums up how our events take shape.

lisa-Santa Pic

The plans on the Santa picture day almost nine years ago were solid – go to Fashion Show, take adorable picture with Santa Claus, distribute said picture to wide range of friends of family, and swell with pride imagining how everyone will admire my more-than-words cute brood. Those were the plans. Here’s what really went down – we waited in line (not long! this is going to be a breeze), four-year old Curtis is thrilled (all of the planning paid off, I knew it and I am awesome), two year-old Randal is….terrified (oh my dear lord this is awful, everyone hates me including Santa Claus).

Was this to be the ruin of my well laid plans? Was this end of holiday cheer? No way. We are in public relations remember? And that means we will make this the “best Santa picture to ever be taken in the history of the world.” Those were my words that accompanied the photo as it was mailed to friends and family near and far. I am pretty sure they bought it.

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