I spoke in front of a middle school class – and survived!

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A recent assignment I received as a member of the Leadership Las Vegas Class of 2015 was to speak about ‘life’ in front of a class of about 35 middle school students.

Um. Hmm. It’s been a very long time since I sat in a middle school classroom. I wondered, what could I possibly share that will keep their attention and provide some guidance for almost an hour?!

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The good folks at the Clark County School District organized this opportunity through a program called PAYBAC (Professionals and Youth Building a Commitment). When I arrived that morning at Bob Bailey Middle School in Las Vegas, I was impressed by the number of volunteers who came to speak in addition to my Leadership Las Vegas friends.

During our greeting presentation, one thing I heard stuck with me. Someone said ‘if you’re able to make a connection with at least one kid, you did your job.’

I arrived in a packed English classroom, shared the story of my professional past and present surrounding media and communications, answered some questions and even scored a few laughs. I used the video camera I use at work to shoot video for clients as a prop.

At the end, a young female student came up to me as all of the other kids were scrambling out. She said that she enjoyed my presentation and that she has always liked ‘story telling’ too. We spoke for a few minutes about her goals and how she can make it happen. I left my PAYBAC session fulfilled as she was the one I was able to reach.

This was a great experience. If you’re interested in giving back and reaching out to kids please consider doing so through PAYBAC.


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