Stressed out – and loving it

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Have you seen this study? ranked the public relations executive as the number two most stressful job in America in 2011, right behind a commercial airline pilot.

Eleven stress factors were examined through 200 professionals, including job competitiveness, deadlines, work environment, on-the-job dangers and growth potential.

It’s true – the day-to-day world of public relations can sway to the stressful side. There’s a lot of “hurry up and wait,” and just like the news biz, there’s always something breaking that needs immediate attention.

That being said, we absolutely love our jobs. Once you’re bitten by the “bug” it’s hard to let go…

Here are some ways FFW PR folks deal with their stress to stay focused:

  • Cuss like a sailor 🙂
  • Two things help balance stress at work: a team that makes each other laugh and daily doses of chocolate from the FFW candy jar.
  • Swedish fish
  • When the stress of the job really gets to me, I go through a pack of gum a day. Literally. I chew gum until my jaw hurts.
  • A big, ice-cold mocha latte from Dunkin’ Donuts

Click here for more of the study
We want to know: How do you relieve work stress?

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