Super Bowl Sunday!

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SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! Such a bittersweet day, but oh do I love it. Tis’ the day that the top two teams in the NFL compete against one another to earn the title of being the best. But, it also marks as the final day to the best season of the year: football season.

From when I was just a kid to college, I couldn’t wait for Super Bowl Sunday. The food, spending time with friends and family, seeing both teams put on a phenomenal show and of course, the commercials! One of my favorite assignments in college was being told by my marketing and advertising professors that we HAD to watch the Super Bowl so that we could discuss the commercials in class the following week. What a terrible assignment! I mean, twist my arm, I guess I will force myself to watch the game and take note of all the phenomenal commercials that are usually included with it. (Thank you professors!)

What I didn’t know growing up and even partly through college was, how much goes on behind-the-scenes leading up to this day. Now that I have been working at FFW for the past two years, I have a whole new respect for Super Bowl Sunday; the players and coaches, the team’s staff, and most of all, the public relations professionals behind it all.

This year’s lineup for the big game is the New England Patriots vs. the Seattle Seahawks. If you’ve been watching the news or ESPN lately, you know how much fun the media has been having with this “deflated ball” scenario. Even before the #DeflateGate trend started, the Seahawks and Patriots were making headlines. The Seahawks are hoping to repeat for back-to-back Super Bowl wins (which hasn’t been done since the Patriots in 2003 and 2004) and the Patriots Brady/Belichick duo, has already won three Super Bowls to date. Talk about media heaven! And as we all know, where there is media, there is PR.

The respect I have for the PR departments of these two teams is immeasurable. Not only is the week leading up to the Super Bowl one of the biggest media weeks in all of sports in America, now these PR teams are handling a controversy on top of it. There were interviews set up all week to discuss the championship game and these two teams involved, but now these interviews will include questions of doubt and opinion on both sides of the ball. That is cause for concern to any person in PR. Why? Because when the media drills you with questions and ask for your opinions, especially on a controversial issue like this, there is always uncertainty on how a player could answer. The job of the PR teams is to diffuse the negative media and hope that the players/coaches keep a level head. I believe we all remember Richard Sherman’s rant last year after the Seahawks won the Super Bowl. Not quite level headed and probably not what his PR team imagined would happen.

And just think, this #DeflateGate controversy and the interviews only skim the surface of what those PR teams are doing behind-the-scenes.

Thankfully for me, I only have to enjoy the Super Bowl game this year. Though, out of habit, I still mentally take notes on all of the commercials.

Hope you all enjoy the big game. And, may the best team win!

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