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WHAT: The Rape Crisis Center invites Southern Nevada businesses, governments, associations and entities to encourage employees to wear denim to work on Wednesday, April 23, in support and recognition of Denim Day, observed during Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). Denim Day is an international campaign created over a decade ago to raise awareness and educate the public about sexual assault. The 2014 theme for SAAM is “IT’S TIME TO TALK ABOUT IT. YOUR VOICE. OUR FUTURE. PREVENT SEXUAL VIOLENCE.”

The origins of Denim Day are provocative and began in Italy in the 1990s, surrounding the case of a young girl who was raped by her driving instructor. The Italian Supreme Court overturned the original guilty verdict, citing that “because the victim wore very, very tight jeans, she had to help him remove them, and by removing the jeans it was no longer rape, but consensual sex.”

According to Daniele Dreitzer, executive director of The Rape Crisis Center, the more businesses and entities that come together to make a statement against sexual assault, the more powerful the message. “We must continue to remind victims that they are not to blame, and the community is here to help them heal,” Dreitzer said. “Perpetrators need to understand their actions will not be tolerated and they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Sexual assault is a social issue against which everyone must take a stand. Unless someone says “yes”, the answer is no!””

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) helps raise awareness about sexual violence and educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual assault and abuse. The goal is to pull together resources to highlight sexual violence as a major public health, human rights and social justice issue.

The Rape Crisis Center, which operates a 24/7 hotline for victims of sexual assault and abuse, is focused on four areas: 1) emergency response and victim assistance; 2) counseling and recovery; 3) legal advocacy; and 4) prevention of sexual assault through education and community outreach.

WHEN: Wednesday, April 23, 2014

WHERE: All Las Vegas businesses and companies

About The Rape Crisis Center:
The Rape Crisis Center (RCC) is a non-profit organization founded in 1974 by Florence McClure and Sandra Petta as the Community Action Against Rape (CAAR) with the goal of helping those in Clark County heal from the trauma of sexual violence. Today, The Rape Crisis Center operates a 24/7 crisis hot line for sexual assault victims and provides counseling, advocacy and support to help victims begin the healing process and navigate the legal system. The RCC is also committed to the prevention of sexual assault through educational programs and community outreach. To assist victims to become survivors, the organization depends on a core base of dedicated volunteers and staff. These individuals are empathetic and enthusiastic people who give their time, energy, and personal sacrifice to continue to serve Clark County’s victims of sexual violence. This service is provided through face-to-face and over-the- phone intervention with newly victimized individuals. The Rape Crisis Center hotline number is 888-366-1640. For more information, visit

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