Susie’s New Year’s Resolution

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As a professional, I remember life before email, cellphones and Smartphones. As a student worker at the University of Nevada, I remember having to go upstairs to the President’s Office in order send a mysterious, magical document called a facsimile – a “fax!”  I remember when the PR department shared one “brick” cellphone and the day I got my first company-issued cell phone and the day I logged onto the brand-new Internet and read a story in the Los Angeles Times.

I admit, I have been slow embrace new technology. I finally faced reality when I noticed my 10-year-old using Siri on her iPhone to correct her math homework. What???

No more!  For 2015, I have resolved to set fears (and pride) aside and embrace Twitter and Instagram and dust-off my Facebook page.  I mean it this time.  I’m not going to let my 12-year-old collect my points at Starbuck’s any more, just because she has the app on her phone.  I am going to use the Fit Bit Santa is bringing and will synch it to my Smartphone so I can get credit for taking the stairs.  I am going to figure out how to use Dropbox on my phone.  And I’m going to Tweet.  I am going to download and use more apps that will make my life better.

But I am not giving up my old-fashioned paper map collection.  They are tried and true. Ever been lost in a strange city with your spouse (and children) without cell service or a dying phone battery?  Need I say more?  Happy 2015!

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